Lavender – it’s one of the most recognized plants, essential oils, and scents.

In the aromatherapy world, lavender essential oil is known as the mother of oils because it can do many jobs at once, much like a mother can.

LavenderA truly versatile essential oil, it helps to balance the body and mind, ease stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains, treat itchy insect bites or sore scrapes while also providing antibacterial actions. Its anti-inflammatory actions can also
take the sting out of sunburn or minor kitchen burns.

A nice way to enjoy lavender is as a candle. We have hand-poured candles in stock that have been blended using only high quality lavender essential oil and soy wax. They also have a cotton wick and come in a reusable glass container in a range of designs. A relaxing scent to enjoy at the end of the day as you watch the candle and your stresses of the day flicker away.

Lavender Candles

Before using essential oils, be sure to chat with a qualified aromatherapist.



“They” say that moving house is one of the most stressful events in life. After the last couple of days, I can confirm that the task continues to maintain a spot in a top ten list of things that I really, really don’t enjoy.

As I look for pictures to add to this post, I keep seeing smiling couples, like they’re having THE MOST FUN EVER. While wearing matching white t-shirts. Please. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.Young couple resting from moving into a new home

The actual point of this post is that sometimes we will push ourselves to the limit out of sheer necessity. But, we still have to make the time to look after ourselves, take care of ourselves, give ourselves a break.

I’m lucky to have a job that I love. Work for me is a retreat, a haven. After this week, I’m also turning to this great list of 50 Ways to Take a Break and wanted to share it with you. ENJOY your break!

50 ways to take a break

Reflexology at Nautilus

Reflexology at Nautilus

Jenny has been awarded an internationally recognized diploma in Reflexology, and we’re so happy to be able to offer this complementary therapy at Nautilus!

As described by the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd., of which Jenny is a member, “Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. After you have completed a course of reflexology treatment for a specific condition, many people find it beneficial to continue with regular treatments in order to maintain health and well-being. While many people use reflexology as a way of relaxing the mind and body and counteracting stress, at the same time many doctors, consultants and other health care professionals recognise reflexology as a well-established, respected and effective therapy.”

Learn more about what to expect at your Reflexology session by clicking the above “Treatment” tab or by contacting us on 01 534 0003 or

Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Pain. Did I get your attention? That kind of pain has gotten mine! Like many of our massage clients, I usually suffer from shoulder & neck pain – stress does not nice things to our bodies! Recently though, I’ve become well acquainted with low back pain. It’s distracting & frankly makes me feel older than I should! Massage Therapy can be a very effective way of reducing the pain and improving your mobility. Naturally, I’m a big fan! Learn more here from our friends at the American Massage Therapy Association.

Nautilus Back Massage

Indian Head Massage Course – Dublin

Indian Head Massage Course – Dublin

Indian Head Massage is the ancient Ayurvedic form of head, neck and shoulders massage which has a profound affect on the whole body. It is also used to stimulate or sedate the nervous system and is excellent for relieving migraines.

If your clients tend to carry their tension in the upper back, neck and head, then this treatment will really help to free that tension, clear the head, focus the mind and allow the body to come back into a lovely state of homeostasis. This may be the therapy that you have been waiting to add to your Treatment Menu.

During the course we will cover:
The Ayurvedic Way
The Chakra System
Constitutional Analysis – The Doshas
Becoming aware of the subtle energies in the body
Grounding techniques
Contraindications and treatment protocol
Massage routine for the upper back, neck, shoulder, head and face
Supporting the client
Using oils to treat the hair and scalp
Integrating a therapy into your practice & marketing

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists, reflexologists, beauty therapists and aromatherapists who wish to enhance their current treatments.

Course Dates: 4 Week Wednesday Evening Course : begins on Wednesday 25th February 6:30-9:30pm and continues 4th / 11th / 18th March

Cost: €250, course approved for 50 IRI CPD points / 15 ARCHTI CPD points

Booking is essential. To secure your space, please email Michelle at

Chamomile Immune Booster Massage

Chamomile Immune Booster Massage

As the weather changes & we all get busy in the run up to the holiday season, it’s important to look after yourself so that you can continue to look after everyone else. Book in for this 60min Immune Boosting/Stress Busting treatment for only €55.

Chamomile’s healing properties & relaxing aroma will help all your tension melt away.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the chamomile herb could battle illness & remedy physical discomfort. Since then, Chamomile has been proven to stimulate white blood cell production & build the immune system.

This therapeutic treatment can help relieve headaches, earaches & insomnia. Feel joint & muscle pain and arthritis aches ease.

This calming experience will wash away anger, irritability, restlessness & impatience and leave you with a rejuvenated body, clear head, and ready to face this busy time of year.