Indian Head Massage Course – Dublin

Indian Head Massage Course – Dublin

Indian Head Massage is the ancient Ayurvedic form of head, neck and shoulders massage which has a profound affect on the whole body. It is also used to stimulate or sedate the nervous system and is excellent for relieving migraines.

If your clients tend to carry their tension in the upper back, neck and head, then this treatment will really help to free that tension, clear the head, focus the mind and allow the body to come back into a lovely state of homeostasis. This may be the therapy that you have been waiting to add to your Treatment Menu.

During the course we will cover:
The Ayurvedic Way
The Chakra System
Constitutional Analysis – The Doshas
Becoming aware of the subtle energies in the body
Grounding techniques
Contraindications and treatment protocol
Massage routine for the upper back, neck, shoulder, head and face
Supporting the client
Using oils to treat the hair and scalp
Integrating a therapy into your practice & marketing

Pre-requisites: This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists, reflexologists, beauty therapists and aromatherapists who wish to enhance their current treatments.

Course Dates: 4 Week Wednesday Evening Course : begins on Wednesday 25th February 6:30-9:30pm and continues 4th / 11th / 18th March

Cost: €250, course approved for 50 IRI CPD points / 15 ARCHTI CPD points

Booking is essential. To secure your space, please email Michelle at

Nautilus Saturday Escape

Life is about balance. We all lead very busy lives and don’t have a lot of free time. Why don’t you escape from your usual daily stresses & hectic schedule for a short while with us on Saturday, 1st of November?

Maybe you’ve never experienced a Kansa Vatki Foot Treatment or an Indian Head Massage? This is the perfect time to try a sample of what a full treatment would be like.

We’re offering the following treatments that last 20 minutes for only €20:

  • Back MassageNautilus Saturday Escape
  • Facial
  • Coconut Melt Hair Treatment
  • SmartPolish
  • Kansa Vatki Foot Treatment
  • Indian Head Massage

To book your escape,  please call 01 534 0003 or email

Nautilus Kneads You

As massage therapists, one of the most common complaints we see is that of shoulder, neck and general back pain. You’ve probably just started shifting in your seat, turning your neck, stretching your shoulders as you read that first sentence. If that’s the case, then Nautilus “kneads” you and you “need” us! (like what we did there?!)

At Nautilus we offer a range of massage therapies. Perhaps the contrast from warm basalt and cool marble from a LaStone Massage to reduce muscle tightness and ease inflammation? Maybe a lunchtime Indian Head Massage, that doesn’t use oils, to help you go back to work feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to face the rest of your day?

Aromatherapy Massage with essential oils selected specifically for you that will focus on your main concerns be they stress reduction, insomnia, muscle pain, skincare, etc. Or a Holistic Swedish Massage that we can customise and focus on areas such as the legs, if you’re a runner or the back, if you’ve been suffering from lower or upper back pain, or maybe you’re a busy mum lifting a growing child and your arms need some attention.

Know that you’re quite literally in good hands with the therapists at Nautilus. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your health & well-being goals. Call us on 01 534 0003 or email to book your appointment.

-Jenny & Sarah

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