Why a skincare routine

Why have a skincare routine? At the end of each day, you’re tired and just want to crawl into bed. But wait!! Spending just 5 minutes on your skin will make a difference – say goodbye to dehydrated, tight skin; say goodbye to congested skin; say goodbye to dull skin! Say hello to happy, balanced, hydrated skin.

Step 1: Cleanse – remove makeup & the remains of the day (pollution, dirt, grime, perspiration). These are all factors in making your skin look dull and can lead to congestion and breakouts.

Step 2: Tone – completes the cleansing process, hydrates and refreshes the skin.

Step 3: Moisturise – hydrates, nourishes and balances the skin.

Step 4: Exfoliation – done weekly – this helps to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing & radiant. Makeup goes on like a dream.

Our product of the week will help you start an easy and beneficial skincare routine!

why a skincare routine

PHYT’s Cleansers & Toners

PHYT’s Cleansers & Toners

Time to introduce the PHYT’s skincare range! As you learn more and after you experience a PHYT’s facial, you’ll be as excited as I am about this all natural, organic, plant based range!

(as pictured, starting left and working right) cleansers-and-toners-nautilus-dublinLAIT NETTOYANT: Gentle Cleansing Milk – Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skins

Recommended for dry skin, it gently and efficiently removes make-up and impurities without water. Skin is clean, supple and more comfortable. Massage over face, neck and eyelids and gently remove with damp cotton discs. Contains Organic Sunflower, Hazelnut, Lemon, Verbena.

LAIT HYDRO-NETTOYANT: Water-soluble Cleansing Milk – All skins

A cool, light cream cleanser to remove impurities and emulsify makeup. The skin is fresh, soft and hydrated with no residue, only a smooth skin. Take a small amount, massage all over face, neck and lips and use the residue on your fingers to cleanse the eyes and lashes. Remove with a damp cotton disc. Contains Organic Sunflower, Palm, Chamomile, Ginseng, Soft Orange.


All skin types. Removes makeup and pollutants from the skin effectively while balancing the skins pH. Hyaluronic Acid softens the skin, attracts moisture and plumps skin out. An all in one treatment at the end of the day or for a morning cleanse. Skin is soft and smooth. 4/5 sprays on a damp cotton disc to cleanse. 2/3 pumps applied to skin neat to soften.

HYDROLÉ ORANGER: Bitter Orange Leaf Toner – Normal, Dry, Sensitive Skins

Complete the cleansing process with this calming, soothing and refreshing facial toner (Perfect after Lait Nettoyant). Recommended for normal to dry and sensitive skin. Alcohol and glycerin free. Hydrates and re-balances the skins pH. Contains Organic Bitter Orange, Horsetail, Mallow, Verbena, Alfalfa.

HYDROLÉ EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus Leaf Toner – Oily, Dull Skins

Purifying, revitalizing, and balancing, this facial toner is recommended for combination to oily skin, or dull skin needing a boost of vitality. It tightens, refines pores and helps to reduce inflammation from seborrhea. Used after cleansing, it hydrates and re-balances the pH. Alcohol and glycerin free. Contains Organic Eucalyptus, Sage, Niaouli, Yarrow.


Why Scrub?

Why Scrub?

I love the approach Neal’s Yard Remedies takes when it comes to exfoliators – they call them a polish. Doesn’t that sound so much nicer & more gentle for the skin than a “scrub” or “exfoliator”?

No matter what you call it, this is a great bonus step to your skincare routine. Whether you exfoliate weekly or monthly, removing the surface layer of dead skin cells has great benefits. It can help your make-up look more even because it is being applied to a smoother base, your skin is better able to absorb your other products, and it can help brighten and refresh your complexion.

One of my favourite products is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish. It contains milk thistle, which is antioxidant rich, as well as hydrating aloe vera. The polishing action comes from the wild rose seed powder that you can see in the below pictures. As with all Neal’s Yard Remedies products – a little will go a long way. This is a gentle but very effective scrub that will leave your skin feeling like new!

(please excuse my bright red hands – one of the joys of Reynaud’s!)


Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 1

Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 1

There’s something very calming about cleansing my face in the evening. There’s a ritual and a reason to it. You can envision letting go of the day and bringing a sense of closure to it. Although, maybe that’s how tired I am, and I just go into a trance!

Even if you view it as more of chore than anything, taking off your make-up and the remains of the day (think pollution, dust, dirt, sweat, city grime) is so important to help keep your skin looking its very best.

My routine is fairly basic: remove eye make-up, cleanse, tone (admittedly only sometimes) and moisturise. I always use products from the Neal’s Yard Remedies range and tend to change them seasonally depending on my skin’s needs. Their natural, organic ingredients are not only effective but I also like knowing I’m not exposing my skin to unnecessary harsh chemicals or ingredients.

With the Neal’s Yard Remedies eye make-up remover, I simply put a small amount on a cotton disc and swipe over my eyes. This is a very gentle product that even removes waterproof mascara. There’s no burning or stinging if you get any extra product in your eyes. It contains nourishing rose, hydrating aloe vera, and antioxidant rich white tea, all of which help to condition the lashes and moisturise the thinner skin around the eye. As with all of the products from Neal’s Yard Remedies, a little bit goes a long way and the 100ml bottle of eye make-up remover will last you ages. I usually get around six months out of a bottle!

Do you use a separate eye make-up remover product? Stay tuned for step 2 of my routine and another one of my favourite products!


Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation

Total relaxation is how we would describe our 75 minute Nautilus Signature Facial.

When you arrive, you’ll enjoy a hydrating glass of citrus or herbal infused water while you and your therapist chat about your main skin concerns and goals for your facial. The therapist will review your current skin condition and determine your skin type. Based on this conversation, specific products will be selected to suit your skin type/concerns.

You’ll then sit back and relax while easing your feet into a bowl of warm water for a soothing soak. This helps to relax the body and mind as the focus is on the feet, which can be a very grounding experience and help ease any stress or distractions in your mind.

After this, the therapist will assist you onto the plinth for your facial. The luxurious Neal’s Yard Remedies skincare products selected for your facial will help soothe, hydrate & nourish. Choosing the perfect blend of essential oils and plant extracts make this treatment the ultimate stress reliever as the aromas work on balancing the body, mind, and soul.

You’ll finish your Nautilus Signature Facial experience with an organic herbal tea. This lovely head to toe treatment will leave you feeling rested and refreshed with a beautiful, healthy glow to your skin.

Contact Nautilus on 01 534 0003 or NautilusDublin@gmail.com to book your session of total relaxation.

Facial Massage

I came across this great skincare tip from the NYR Organic U.S. team (part of the Neal’s Yard Remedies family), “Take the time to give your skin a regular weekly facial massage and you’ll reap the rewards! A simple massage can help revitalize and refresh your complexion and help boost your skin’s natural radiance! Tip: Use a couple drops of the facial oil for your skin type.”

If you’re in need of a facial oil or balm, consider choosing a Soil Association certified product, such as the Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm or their Frankincense Facial Oil. As our largest organ, our skin absorbs approximately 60% of what we apply to it. Doesn’t it make sense that we should be applying natural products that are safe & free from nasty chemicals whenever possible?

Here’s a fantastic video that shows you how to do your own facial massage at home, which is particularly helpful for draining excess fluid and congestion during seasonal allergy & hay fever time! If you’d like to talk about your skin concerns, why not book in for a facial at Nautilus? We will customise your treatment using specific products to suit your skin type & needs. Learn more about our facials by visiting the above Treatment Menu tab.

Saturday Escape at Nautilus

Saturday Escape at Nautilus

We’re looking forward to a day of tranquillity with our upcoming Saturday Escape. If you haven’t yet had a chance to come visit us, this is a wonderful opportunity to book in for a 20 minute treatment for only €20. We love seeing familiar faces too, so whether this is your first trip to Nautilus or your fifth, we can’t wait to welcome you! Contact us on 015340003 or NautilusDublin@gmail.com to book your appointment!

Saturday Escape at Nautilus

Holistic Facial Workshop

Holistic Facial Workshop

Holistic Facial Course with Michelle Delaney, Tuesday & Wednesday, 27th & 28th of January, 6:30pm-9:30pm. €130.

This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists, beauty therapists and aromatherapists who wish to enhance their current treatments. This training is approved with ARCHTI (www.irishtherapists.ie) and insurable with BALENS UK. IRIL have also approved this course for 50 CPD points.

To book your spot or for more information, please contact Michelle Delaney on 086 8185609 or via email: michelle@soulbalance.com

HOLISTIC FACIAL – a Deluxe Treatment:

Aim of the Course :

A nurturing treatment for Therapists using a combination of massage techniques and natural products to :
• Cleanse the skin
• Tone
• Exfoliate gently
• Mask to hydrate and boost the skin
• Massage of the Face, Neck, Head and Scalp tailored for each client
• Moisturise the skin of the Face & Neck

Course Content:

• Skin Types, Characteristics, Textures and Tones
• Skin Analysis
• Skin Anatomy
• Contraindications and Contra-actions
• Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliators, Masks, Massage Mediums & Moisturisers
• Product Ingredients
• Home care/Aftercare Advice
• Health, Safety and Hygiene Procedures
• Methods of Adaption
• Relevant Legislation
• Marketing
• Step by Step Demonstrations
• Practical Treatment
• Guidance & Support throughout