Lavender – it’s one of the most recognized plants, essential oils, and scents.

In the aromatherapy world, lavender essential oil is known as the mother of oils because it can do many jobs at once, much like a mother can.

LavenderA truly versatile essential oil, it helps to balance the body and mind, ease stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains, treat itchy insect bites or sore scrapes while also providing antibacterial actions. Its anti-inflammatory actions can also
take the sting out of sunburn or minor kitchen burns.

A nice way to enjoy lavender is as a candle. We have hand-poured candles in stock that have been blended using only high quality lavender essential oil and soy wax. They also have a cotton wick and come in a reusable glass container in a range of designs. A relaxing scent to enjoy at the end of the day as you watch the candle and your stresses of the day flicker away.

Lavender Candles

Before using essential oils, be sure to chat with a qualified aromatherapist.

Customised Treatments

Customised Treatments

I love being able to customise a treatment to help clients get the most out of their sessions at Nautilus Dublin. Sometimes the focus is to relax and reduce stress levels. Other times, it’s to relieve muscle tightness, manage pain and improve flexibility.

One of today’s clients is training for the Dublin marathon and completed a VERY long run yesterday – 30km!

To help the body recover, I combined a Swedish massage targeting the legs, back, neck and shoulders with the use of specific essential oils. If you run, you may notice the tendency to raise your shoulders, which can cause tension in the back.  To help further encourage the recovery process, I also used an essential oil blend of lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and vetiver in an almond oil base.

These essential oils help relieve over-exertion with warming, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties and are especially effective when used during a massage.

If you’d like to learn more about the massage therapies we offer or our aromatherapy workshops, please do get in touch!


Confession Time

Confession Time

I’ve found it hard to kick off the new year. I don’t know if I’m still on a Christmas high from spending time with my family in the U.S. or if I’m just really looking forward to what this year holds. Whatever the reasons, ironically the result has been a lack of focus and momentum on my part. That then turns into guilt and pressure and stress – not the goal! UGH!

Like many, I turn to exercise to help clear the head. Plus, it’s good for us, we all probably indulged a little too much recently, and new year/new leaf and all that. I went for a run yesterday for the first time in about 6 weeks, and I am paying the price today!

So, here’s my new best friend – the Neal’s Yard Remedies Arnica Salve. This 99% organic remedy is full of arnica, ginger, lavender and rosemary essential oils to help treat over-exertion and ease the pain!

I love this stuff mainly because it’s natural and more importantly, because it works! If you’re in the same boat, get in touch, I have it in stock at Nautilus Dublin!

Jenny x



Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 2

Years (and years) ago, my grandmother told me that I should always wash my face with my hands, not with a cloth. She said that it’s much gentler to the skin and will help your skin look its best. She’s a wise woman and has THE most amazing skin, so that was the day I stopped using a cotton washcloth.

I use the Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash. As an essential oil, rose is fantastic for the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types but is particularly beneficial for those with dry, sensitive or mature skin. It’s nourishing and with a gentle astringent effect, rose essential oil helps to bring down redness and is good for treating broken capillaries.

Because Neal’s Yard Remedies products don’t contain nasty chemicals, there isn’t a lot of foaming with this cleanser. I splash warm (not hot) water on my face, apply one to two pumps of cleanser into my hands, and then massage the cleanser all over my face. Facial massage is not only relaxing, but it’s a nice way to boost circulation to the skin and also assist with lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce any puffiness. Always sweep towards the hairline, ears, jaw to encourage the flow outwards.

Rinse well, lightly pat try, and toning is next!

This picture was taken last month of my grandmother, who’s 91st birthday is tomorrow!


Learn More About – Aromatherapy

Learn More About – Aromatherapy

Our very popular Aromatherapy for Home Use workshop is coming up again on Saturday, 25th of July, 10:30am-1pm, €35.

This will be an enjoyable & simple introduction to aromatherapy & essential oils, and you’ll learn: 

*what are essential oils

*most popular multi-purpose essential oils & their benefits

*how can you safely blend for home use: diffusers, inhalation, room sprays, bath/shower

*lots of useful tips for using aromatherapy at home!

We’ll spend time learning about different oils, how to blend them, and you’ll create 2 products to take home! Contact Nautilus on 01 534 0003 or to book. (only 2 places left!)

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles

We currently have handcrafted soy wax aromatherapy candles in stock! There’s a range of gorgeous scents from essential oils & no artificial fragrances. Blends include:

* eucalyptus & frankincense to help you breathe easy

* rosemary & mint to help clear and focus the mind

* a woody/spicy blend of cinnamon, lemongrass and sandalwood, which has great antiseptic properties.

There are three sizes available in upcycled glass containers with the largest priced at only €5.

These custom blended candles were created by a fellow aromatherapist & they won’t be around for long. Contact us on 01 534 0003 or pop in to pick up yours!


Aromatherapy for Home Use

Aromatherapy for Home Use

Join us for an enjoyable & simple introduction to aromatherapy & essential oils where you’ll learn:

*what are essential oils
*some of the most popular multi-purpose essential oils & their benefits
*how can you safely blend for home use: diffusers/oil burners, inhalation, room sprays, bath/shower

We’ll spend time learning how to blend & experience the oils, and you’ll create 2 products to take home.

Date: Saturday, 28th March
Time: 10:30am-1pm
Cost: €35

Contact us on 01 534 0003 or to book your spot as places are limited.