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In keeping with our belief that organic and natural skincare products really are better for us and our planet, we are pleased to offer the TanOrganic professional spray tan and self-tan retail range to our clients. TanOrganic is EcoCert certified, approved by PETA, The Ethical Company Organization and The Irish Eczema Society. This multi-award winning tanning range is a client favourite! Using a spray tan machine, we offer one of the best fake tan experiences in Dublin. We’ll fully explain the tanning process before we start, so don’t worry if you’re coming in for your first spray tan!

*TANNING TIPS! Exfoliate and shave the night before your spray tan. Avoid using moisturisers or oils the day you come in for your tan. We recommend you wear or bring loose fitting clothing to change into after your treatment, as this will allow your tan to develop evenly as tight fitting clothes may remove the product and lead to an uneven tan. It is also advisable to wear flip-flops or loose fitting shoes. Wait a minimum of 8 hours before showering after your tan, overnight is best. Finally, moisturise regularly to maintain your beautiful tan and this will also help it fade evenly and most naturally looking.  The TanArganic oil is a fantastic, all-natural option!*

Full body spray tan – €25

Half body spray tan – €15


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