Pregnancy Treatments

Mum to Be 

While a woman is pregnant her body undergoes numerous physical changes as well as effecting her emotions, mind and spirit. Nautilus Dublin offers pregnancy massage and antenatal reflexology treatments. maternity

Pregnancy massage aids in relaxation, reduces stress, improves circulation, and boosts lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling. It is also useful in alleviating sciatic pain which some women can experience late in their pregnancy.

Other benefits include –
Reduce back pain, reduce muscle tension and tightness, relieve headaches, reduce tension/anxiety and encourage better sleep.

Full Body Massage – 60 mins €65
Back Massage – 40 mins €55

Antenatal Reflexology is recommended by the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin. Benefits include reduced morning/all day sickness, relief of heartburn & indigestion, constipation & haemorrhoids, relief of low back pain, sciatica, and symphysis pubis diastasis. Antenatal Reflexology also helps to prepare the body for labour by balancing the systems of the body, especially the endocrine system, which governs the labour process. Reflexology can also help boost energy levels and promote better sleep. The length of labour can be greatly reduced by having regular reflexology sessions in the weeks prior to the estimated delivery date.

50min Session – €60

Course of Treatments – 3 sessions paid in advance, €150

Jenny Faison is a member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd.. If you have a policy with one of these Health Insurers- Aviva / VHI / Laya Healthcare / Glo Health – you may be eligible for a refund for some of your Reflexology treatment costs depending on your level of cover. (Be sure to check your individual plan for full details.)