PHYT’s facials are designed to be customised to every clients’ skin type; a thorough skin analysis performed and individually treated every time. phyts

Discovery Facial: An introduction to PHYT’s organic facials for hydrating, glow and freshness.  Suitable for all skin types from oily to combination to dehydrated or dry with water loss, reactive and sensitive skins. Oil and water content is balanced to leave the skin hydrated and revitalised. 30min, 35

Radiance Facial: Tailored to your skin type, this facial will meet your skins expectations. Suited for the most sensitive, dehydrated or oily, dull and tired skin, this facial will give a boost of regeneration, revitalisation and plumping with enviable glow.

Radiance Balance – oily skin
Radiance Delicate – sensitive skin
Radiance Visible – oxygenating and anti-aging

60min, 65

Phyt’ssima Facial: Specific to the driest skin. Argan & hemp oils rebalance a dry skin type throughphytssima Omega 6 & 3. After a thorough yet gentle and hydrating exfoliation, the nutrient dense serum penetrates the epidermis effectively to re-comfort and soften the skin, healing the skin’s protective function. 60min, 60

Aqua Facial: Targets any skin affected by dehydration. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant which acts like a sponge to attract and hold moisture in the skin while plumping and reducing fine lines. The skin is relieved with better effect from a homecare regime as the hydrolipidic film is restored. 75min, 80

Luminescence Facial: A specific anti-aging treatment to boost, plump, nourish and firm the skin. Experience the ultimate PHYT’s anti-aging properties with its 21 amino acids, Horsetail and Cinnamon. PHYT’s Revitalising Massage is preformed to encourage drainage and to stimulate the connective tissue. Skin is smooth, youthful and alive.

Luminescence Active Age – anti-aging for delicate skin
Luminescence Extreme – anti-aging for firming and stimulating the skin due to diversity of ingredients

90min, 85

phyts-antiridesMultivita Facial: Nicknamed the “Bridal Facial” for maximum results fast. The ultimate for lifting and toning, the skin is left deeply hydrated, firmed and oxygenated. The skin will be beaming with this glorious treatment, integrating vitamins A, C, E, B5, B2 and mineral Zinc. Highly regenerative with a visible anti-aging effect especially with PHYT’s Massage Techniques: plumps lines, induces drainage, smooths skin and relaxes. Cinnamon plumps out fine lines while the cooling peel-off mask completes this luxurious treatment. 90min, €90

PHYT’s organic skincare. Active ingredients for immediate results.