Baby Massage Classes

We are delighted to offer new parents in Dublin (Fairview, Marino, Clontarf, Drumcondra – anyone who finds the Dublin 3 area convenient!) the opportunity to learn how to massage their babies! Classes are suitable for newborns to pre-crawlers.  Each class will include learning new massage strokes & reviewing the previous weeks’ massage strokes, as well as time to enjoy a tea/coffee while we chat about theory related to infant development & a variety of other topics with fellow parents.

There are a number of wonderful benefits to be gained from baby massage for both baby & parent including relieving colic & wind, promoting relaxation & aiding sleep, helping with weight gain & building immunity, aiding the bonding process & can assist in the recovery from post-natal depression. baby massage 3

The role of the Certified Infant Massage  Instructor (CIMI) is to facilitate and help enhance the loving relationship between infants and parents. Infant massage is an ideal medium, because it naturally encompasses all of the elements of the bonding process including eye to eye contact, warmth, scent, vocalizations, skin-to-skin, responsiveness. 

The CIMI uses a doll to demonstrate massage strokes to parents.  The class is not the CIMI massaging your baby.  There are no “performance standards”.  Parents are encouraged to respond to the individual needs of their babies. The classes are warm and relaxing, allowing individual baby’s needs to be considered and parents to spend time learning from each others’ knowledge and experiences.

Baby Massage Nautilus Dublin€125 for 5 classes (payable the first day), which includes infant massage hand-outs detailing massage strokes and a bottle of massage oil.  The cost for your baby massage course may be partially or fully refundable if you have insurance with one of the larger health insurance companies including VHI, Aviva, or Laya Healthcare.  Check your individual plan for details. Group classes or one-to-one classes are available.

Courses start monthly. Please click HERE for upcoming class dates or visit “Workshops & Classes tab.

Looking for a wonderful and unique gift for a new mum & her baby, what about a gift voucher for a baby massage course? A beautiful bonding experience while they learn a valuable new skill. 

Parent Testimonials: 

“Absolutely loved baby massage class with Jenny! Warm, welcome and encouraging atmosphere! Jenny is an amazingly helpful and thoughtful teacher. Me and my little boy l had a great time and met some wonderful people! Thank you so much!”

“Thanks for the class today,  my daughter looks very relaxed,  she really enjoyed it,  I did too.  We will practice until next class :-)”

-really liked the “small group, intimate atmosphere, perfect for the class”

“baby massage has been really beneficial for me & my baby, I will definitely recommend it to other mothers”

-class was held in a “very relaxing, comfortable environment”

infant massage