After Your Treatment

Hang on to that blissful feeling for as long as possible!


  • After your treatment, particularly with massage, it’s not unusual to experience a reaction.  Examples of these reactions include headaches, increased thirst, sleepiness, increased urination, healing crisis, etc.  A response like that is nothing to worry about and is the result of the massage encouraging the body systems to function more efficiently.


  • After your treatment, be sure to drink plenty of water.  Good hydration is key to keeping your beautiful skin looking as refreshed and rejuvenated as possible.  Water also helps our body systems work well!
  • Depending on information provided during your consultation, other recommendations may be made that can include reducing caffeine consumption, incorporating a 20 minute walk or gentle yoga stretches into your daily routine, considering meditation techniques or other stress management methods.
  • For clients receiving an aromatherapy massage, we may recommend essential oils for you to use at home in a burner or diffuser, in a warm bath, with a compress or via inhalation based on your consultation and feedback you provide the day of your treatment.

If you have any questions, ask away!

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