About Us

At Nautilus Dublin, we are delighted to be able to share our passion for beauty & holistic therapies with you!

Why the name Nautilus you might ask? The Nautilus is an amazing sea animal that lives within a spiral shell.  As the Nautilus grows, it adds on a new chamber to its shell for each stage of life. As long as the Nautilus continues to grow, it will continue to build new chambers and add to its beautiful spiral.  It has outgrown previous chambers and must always move forward, there is no going back. There is happy comfort in its current chamber, but like the nautilus, we strive to grow and continue this wonderful pattern through life.

For us, the Nautilus shell represents what we aim to achieve in both our personal and professional lives ~ growing beyond our current chamber of comfort, embracing the beauty of life, and working to maintain the balance.

We invite you to grow with us, restore your balance with us.  We hope to be your new haven for rejuvenation & relaxation, whether that’s a massage or a facial or perhaps a beautiful manicure. We look forward to welcoming you!

Jenny Faison, Owner, Nautilus Beauty & Holistic Therapies Centre