PHYT’s Rénov

PHYT’s Rénov is a Glycolic Treatment unlike any other!

What does PHYT’Skin Rénov do?
• Evens out skin irregularities & roughness
• Fades acne scars
• Restores natural radiance
• Reduces pigmentation
• Reduces pore size
• Smooths out wrinkles and fine lines
• Softens and tones the skin

PHYT’S has developed the first Cosmeceutical Certified Organic Glycolic Peel; a real skin renovator with 30% Glycolic Acid of natural origin* (*Sugar Cane).

Plaquette Skin Rénov

It is a gentle and non invasive treatment which works on the skin’s superficial layer: the stratum corneum, and in turn stimulates the connective tissue beneath.  PHYT’Skin Rénov offers a gentle skincare treatment with quick visible results. The skin appearance is improved through a program of home-use products and a FOUR session treatment without recovery or downtime. A glycolic treatment simply rapidly exfoliates the skin: many new cells are generated quickly at the base of the epidermis which pushes out the thickened layer of dead cells so the skin looks smooth, fresh, bright and youthful.

• 1– At home prior to the peel: the skin needs to be prepared at home 2 weeks before the professional treatment to test its tolerance to active ingredients used in the peel; to prepare the skin for the treatment; and to condition the skins surface.
• 2 – The professional peel: this skincare treatment is divided into3 key steps: skin cleansing and preparation; application of the acid solution; and finally neutralising, followed by the application of a soothing moisturiser and Spf 50.
• 3 – At home after the peel: Continuing the treatment at home, after the peel, is absolutely necessary to protect and soothe the skin. SPF (High Factor 30+) is a MUST throughout the treatment.

Rénov Poster before and after

Why Massage?

Even as a Massage Therapist who is passionate about massage and the many benefits it can bring, I need to periodically tap into that “why massage” by actually getting one myself. 

My 92 year old grandmother and I went for massages today. Yep, that’s right. She’s ninety-two and she loves getting massages. 

As someone who is chronologically elderly and who has lived independently as a widow for years, she firmly believes there is tremendous healing power in the simple act of therapeutic touch. And she’s right. Lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased appetite, improved sleep and a general boost to an overall feeling of wellness are all benefits. 

For my massage experience today, for the first time in ages, I didn’t have a laundry list of aches and pains for the therapist to sort out in an hour. 

Let me tell you, we floated out of our treatment rooms. There’s a lot to be said for getting that “just because” massage. Don’t leave it until you feel your neck may snap from the stress and tightness. Don’t wait until you can hardy bend over from low back pain.  

While I love the relief I get from having my aching shoulder or tight hip worked on, I actually felt more rested, more relaxed and more rejuvenated after today’s treatment. 

So, why massage? I think I’d have to answer with, why not?

I’ll be back in Nautilus Dublin on the 15th of August ready to share the power of massage with you.