Pregnancy Reflexology

I recently received a wonderful email from a pregnancy client who was due to come in for a pampering pedicure after having been in for several reflexology treatments. She ended up cancelling her pedicure for the best possible reason – because (yay!) she went into labour!

She gave me permission to share her feedback, “After reflexology treatment on Tuesday and long walk on Wednesday I went into labor on Thursday and “H” was born few minutes after midnight on Friday. It was very nice birthing experience this time. I am very happy I went into labor naturally. I think 7 km walk I made and reflexology treatment contributed to it :)”

Receiving reflexology treatments while pregnant brings with it many benefits such as reduced morning/all day sickness, relief of heartburn & indigestion, constipation & haemorrhoids, relief of low back pain, sciatica, and symphysis pubis diastasis.

Antenatal Reflexology can’t bring on labour but it helps to prepare the body for labour by balancing the systems of the body, especially the endocrine system, which governs the labour process. The length of labour can be greatly reduced by having regular reflexology sessions in the weeks prior to the estimated delivery date.

Reflexology can also help boost energy levels and promote better sleep.

Reflexology during pregnancy is recommended by the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin.  As one last added benefit, this treatment is usually covered by many private insurers. Be sure to check your plan for specific details.