Pregnancy Massage

This flash of summer has me remembering the last glimpse of warm, sunny weather we had.  My pregnancy massage clients were suffering!

Swelling, aches & pains, not sleeping well and general discomfort were the main culprits draining the joy from an otherwise pleasant pregnancy.

While you’re expecting, massage can help bring relief to swollen ankles, ease tightness and pain in your lower back and hips (sciatica can make an unwelcome appearance later in your pregnancy), and reduce tension and muscle aches in your shoulders. pregnancy massage Nautilus DublinAlso, we can continue to work on your shoulders and hips using pressure that you find comfortable and beneficial. If you enjoyed a firmer massage before pregnancy, we can continue to use that pressure during your pregnancy.

At Nautilus Dublin, we always have a chat before starting your treatment to make sure there are no medical contraindications and to determine how I can best help you on that day.