Lavender – it’s one of the most recognized plants, essential oils, and scents.

In the aromatherapy world, lavender essential oil is known as the mother of oils because it can do many jobs at once, much like a mother can.

LavenderA truly versatile essential oil, it helps to balance the body and mind, ease stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains, treat itchy insect bites or sore scrapes while also providing antibacterial actions. Its anti-inflammatory actions can also
take the sting out of sunburn or minor kitchen burns.

A nice way to enjoy lavender is as a candle. We have hand-poured candles in stock that have been blended using only high quality lavender essential oil and soy wax. They also have a cotton wick and come in a reusable glass container in a range of designs. A relaxing scent to enjoy at the end of the day as you watch the candle and your stresses of the day flicker away.

Lavender Candles

Before using essential oils, be sure to chat with a qualified aromatherapist.