Customised Treatments

Customised Treatments

I love being able to customise a treatment to help clients get the most out of their sessions at Nautilus Dublin. Sometimes the focus is to relax and reduce stress levels. Other times, it’s to relieve muscle tightness, manage pain and improve flexibility.

One of today’s clients is training for the Dublin marathon and completed a VERY long run yesterday – 30km!

To help the body recover, I combined a Swedish massage targeting the legs, back, neck and shoulders with the use of specific essential oils. If you run, you may notice the tendency to raise your shoulders, which can cause tension in the back.  To help further encourage the recovery process, I also used an essential oil blend of lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and vetiver in an almond oil base.

These essential oils help relieve over-exertion with warming, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties and are especially effective when used during a massage.

If you’d like to learn more about the massage therapies we offer or our aromatherapy workshops, please do get in touch!


Women’s Mini Marathon?

Women’s Mini Marathon?

I need a swift kick to get myself motivated to exercise, and this is it. Once I say it out loud (or type it in this blog) then it’s real, and I’ve made a commitment. So here goes.

I’d like to form Team Nautilus Dublin where gals like me get together to train to walk/jog/run the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in June!

Part of the plan is to raise much needed funds for To Children With Love’s Rising Tide project, which is working with a school in North Dublin. Their Rising Tide project, “catches talented and promising children in severely disadvantaged areas and builds their confidence and self esteem, strengthens their education and empowers them to move forward as equal members of society.”

If you’re interested in joining me, please email me at or ring 01 534 0003. We’ll use Nautilus as a base and do our training around Fairview Park and along the seafront in Clontarf.

I’m sure we’ll be at various levels of fitness, but rest assured, I’ll be walking before running! This is meant to be fun, no pressure, with the hope to improve our fitness levels, have a few laughs and do some good for our community!

Who’s with me?! I’m signing up now!
Jenny x