Why Scrub?

I love the approach Neal’s Yard Remedies takes when it comes to exfoliators – they call them a polish. Doesn’t that sound so much nicer & more gentle for the skin than a “scrub” or “exfoliator”?

No matter what you call it, this is a great bonus step to your skincare routine. Whether you exfoliate weekly or monthly, removing the surface layer of dead skin cells has great benefits. It can help your make-up look more even because it is being applied to a smoother base, your skin is better able to absorb your other products, and it can help brighten and refresh your complexion.

One of my favourite products is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish. It contains milk thistle, which is antioxidant rich, as well as hydrating aloe vera. The polishing action comes from the wild rose seed powder that you can see in the below pictures. As with all Neal’s Yard Remedies products – a little will go a long way. This is a gentle but very effective scrub that will leave your skin feeling like new!

(please excuse my bright red hands – one of the joys of Reynaud’s!)