Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 2

Years (and years) ago, my grandmother told me that I should always wash my face with my hands, not with a cloth. She said that it’s much gentler to the skin and will help your skin look its best. She’s a wise woman and has THE most amazing skin, so that was the day I stopped using a cotton washcloth.

I use the Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash. As an essential oil, rose is fantastic for the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types but is particularly beneficial for those with dry, sensitive or mature skin. It’s nourishing and with a gentle astringent effect, rose essential oil helps to bring down redness and is good for treating broken capillaries.

Because Neal’s Yard Remedies products don’t contain nasty chemicals, there isn’t a lot of foaming with this cleanser. I splash warm (not hot) water on my face, apply one to two pumps of cleanser into my hands, and then massage the cleanser all over my face. Facial massage is not only relaxing, but it’s a nice way to boost circulation to the skin and also assist with lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce any puffiness. Always sweep towards the hairline, ears, jaw to encourage the flow outwards.

Rinse well, lightly pat try, and toning is next!

This picture was taken last month of my grandmother, who’s 91st birthday is tomorrow!


Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 1

Nighttime Cleansing Routine – Step 1

There’s something very calming about cleansing my face in the evening. There’s a ritual and a reason to it. You can envision letting go of the day and bringing a sense of closure to it. Although, maybe that’s how tired I am, and I just go into a trance!

Even if you view it as more of chore than anything, taking off your make-up and the remains of the day (think pollution, dust, dirt, sweat, city grime) is so important to help keep your skin looking its very best.

My routine is fairly basic: remove eye make-up, cleanse, tone (admittedly only sometimes) and moisturise. I always use products from the Neal’s Yard Remedies range and tend to change them seasonally depending on my skin’s needs. Their natural, organic ingredients are not only effective but I also like knowing I’m not exposing my skin to unnecessary harsh chemicals or ingredients.

With the Neal’s Yard Remedies eye make-up remover, I simply put a small amount on a cotton disc and swipe over my eyes. This is a very gentle product that even removes waterproof mascara. There’s no burning or stinging if you get any extra product in your eyes. It contains nourishing rose, hydrating aloe vera, and antioxidant rich white tea, all of which help to condition the lashes and moisturise the thinner skin around the eye. As with all of the products from Neal’s Yard Remedies, a little bit goes a long way and the 100ml bottle of eye make-up remover will last you ages. I usually get around six months out of a bottle!

Do you use a separate eye make-up remover product? Stay tuned for step 2 of my routine and another one of my favourite products!


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