My Reiki Experience

I’ll be honest. . I know generally about Reiki, but I’ve never had a treatment before and had no clue what to expect or what the experience would be like.

As a massage & beauty therapist, my work tends to be focused on anatomy and physiology of the body, the skin and it’s condition. As a holistic therapist, I fully believe that our health can be affected positively by balance or negatively by imbalance between the body, mind and spirit.

I could see how Reiki would fit into all of this as it’s a healing, energy technique, but it’s not been a treatment I’ve been drawn to before. However, I’m never one to shy away from learning new things, especially when I’m receiving a treatment!

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique which is used to bring the body back into balance thus promoting good health and vitality. It is excellent for eliminating stress, insomnia and headaches to name a few. Whether you have health issues or not, all clients benefit from the deep relaxing effects it promotes within the body and mind. It is suitable for everyone including the elderly, pregnant woman, and children

Other basics:

1. You lay on a plinth, the usual type of treatment bed or table, all cosy and warm under blankets.
2. You stay fully dressed.
3. You listen to the music or completely zone out during the treatment.
4. Periodically, the therapist will rest her hands on you – Maria gently held my feet and placed her hands on my head.
5. She didn’t speak, sing, chant, pray out loud. (again, I wasn’t entirely sure what would happen)

At the start of the treatment, I was very aware of myself. My breathing was shallow and coming from high up in my chest instead of deeper breaths starting in the stomach. I felt tense from my head to my toes. These are key signs that my stress levels were up, and while I knew that they were, I didn’t realise the affect on my body up until then.  I decided that instead of listening to Maria’s quiet movements around the bed that I would focus on my breathing and on letting go of some of that tension.

As the treatment went on, I felt myself becoming more and more relaxed. Maria is an amazing therapist who brings a sense of calm with her. She created an atmosphere in the room where I was able to trust her and felt safe. By doing so, I could completely let go and in fact, I fell soundly asleep!

After the treatment, I felt very hazy and a bit disconnected from myself but very relaxed and very much at peace.

It only took about 10 minutes for me to feel fully “back”. For the rest of the day, I felt calmer and much less stressed. It was so nice to be able to fully switch off, which has such a restorative effect on the body, mind and spirit.

I would absolutely have another Reiki treatment, and I’m looking forward to Maria’s return to Nautilus on Saturday, 27th of June, 10am-2pm and on Friday, 10th July, 4-8pm. Book your appointment with Maria by contacting her on 086 384 5971 or Nautilus on 01 534 0003.

Maria is a Reiki/Seichem Master practitioner with almost 10 years experience of one to one practice and teaching. She is also an avid & talented photographer and many of the photos you see on her Crystal Giraffe Reiki Facebook page are ones she’s taken!  Crystal Giraffe is the name of her Reiki practice. She chose the name because of her love of crystals and giraffes!