Nautilus Nail Care

Nautilus Nail Care

With every SmartPolish (long-lasting UV gel) manicure or pedicure we do at Nautilus, our clients receive a few special treats~

*A stamp on your loyalty card: your 6th SmartPolish mani or pedi is FREE!

*10 remover wraps: we prefer you come in for a professional removal, but we know that’s not always feasible. We’d rather supply you with the right tools so that you can do a safe removal to keep your nails in the best condition possible!

*After-care information: with tips on nutritious foods & other suggestions to help keep your nails healthy & strong!

Seasonal Skincare

Seasonal Skincare

With the cold weather & stresses of the busy holiday season, are you worried your skin isn’t looking or feeling its best? Perhaps it’s time to come in for a rejuvenating facial or revamp your at-home skincare routine?

We use the Neal’s Yard Remedies range of products and highly recommend their Frankincense range during this time of the year. All Neal’s Yard Remedies products are designed to enhance your beauty by enhancing your health from the inside with natural remedies and from the outside with effective organic skincare formulations and pure essential oils. We believe in total well-being.

Frankincense Facial Wash: “Gently cleanses leaving skin fresh and radiant skin. With rejuvenating frankincense and nourishing oils of apricot and jojoba to gently cleanse without drying.”

Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist: “A revitalising mist with the aroma-therapeutic benefits of frankincense oil – combining its toning and rejuvenating properties for the skin with its calming effect on the senses. A light refreshing blend of fragrant and toning essential oils, anti-oxidant and collagen stimulating herbal extracts, combined with moisture boosting hyaluronic acid.”

Frankincense Hydrating Cream: “A rich blend of vitamin and nutrient rich oils nourish and protect the skin, combined with toning essential oils of frankincense and myrrh. With functional herbal extracts to stimulate the production of collagen, the cream acts to smooth and soften the skin. It helps prevent moisture loss and supports the skin’s natural defences from every day stresses such as weather, air conditioning, the effects of pollution, all of which can have a detrimental effect on our skin.”

Frankincense Eye & Lip SerumFirming, Lifting, Reduces appearance of dark circles and puffiness”

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation & Mindfulness, we hear so much about these two practices lately. And to be honest, we weren’t sure where one stopped and the other began. Yet, it’s an area that Sarah and I are both interested in and hope to bring into our daily lives to help keep us focused, feeling calm(er) and more relaxed. Our brains are on a constant buzz of activity and sometimes don’t you just want to quiet that hum?

Join us as we explore meditation & mindfulness at Nautilus with these upcoming events.

Winter Solstice Meditation, Saturday, 20th of December, 3-4pm. This meditation is about taking time out of our busy lives and to be present to mark this significant day. It will be about awareness of nature and in particular, the contrast of the darkness and the light, and allowing our inner wisdom shine through.
Nautilus Book Club, Thursday, 15th of January, 7-8pm. First book “Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world”. This book “reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion”. Join us as we work our way through this 8 week mindfulness programme.
A Day of Mindfulness & Meditation with Mary Rice, Saturday, 28th of February, 10:30am-4:30pm. As Mary describes, “Living mindfully. . .the practice of slowing down, living more consciously, being fully present to ourselves, our world, and our experience. We do this by paying attention moment to moment & cultivating a non-judgemental attitude. Practice is the key, results are quiet & subtle.” Mary will cover the various aspects of mindfulness, meditation and how to make this a part of your daily life.

In the meantime, we found this article from Women’s Health Magazine to be helpful in giving a bit of clarification as to what meditation is as compared to mindfulness: and we’ve quoted some highlights below:

Let’s Start with Meditation
“At its core, meditation is when you intentionally set aside time to do something good for yourself,” explains Goldstein. And that’s all! Really. As long as you’re doing something good for you on purpose, whatever it is that may be, that’s meditation. “For instance, there’s exercise meditation, in which you intentionally set out to exercise to clear your mind,” says Goldstein. “There’s prayer meditation, when you intentionally send prayers out to the universe. There’s music meditation, where the whole purpose is to relax you, and the list goes on.”

So Here’s Where the Mix-Up Happens
“The confusion lies in the fact that one of the most well known types of meditation is mindfulness meditation. “Mindfulness is basically just being aware, and can be practiced both informally and formally—which is what many people don’t understand,” says Goldstein. “When you’re practicing it informally, that means that you’re simply attempting to be more aware in everything that you do—and that mentality can be infused into pretty much anything. But the formal practice of mindfulness is mindfulness meditation.

So wait. What’s mindfulness meditation, then? “That’s when you intentionally pay attention to whatever is here in the moment,” explains Goldstein. “The goal is to learn to be really present, to the point that when you feel yourself reacting a certain way in the moment later on, you’re so aware of the now that you’re then able to take a step back, and literally change your knee-jerk reaction so you do something in a different way.”

Got It?
“Phew! But here’s a quick nutshell summary, just because it’s definitely complicated: Meditation is when you intentionally set aside time to do something that’s good for you, and there are all kinds of meditations. Mindfulness is both a general awareness of the world and a formal meditation practice. It’s two things, not one. Meditation and mindfulness overlap in mindfulness meditation, which is one of the most popular types of meditation.”
Skincare Tip

Skincare Tip

If you don’t already have an exfoliation step in your skincare routine, now is the time to introduce one! Exfoliating helps to refine & brighten, combat dryness, and stimulate the blood supply. It can also improve texture & condition of the skin. Exfoliating can encourage the ability of the skin to hold moisture, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We recommend you exfoliate once a week as doing so more often then that may result in dry or over sensitized skin and premature aging. 

If you have any skincare concerns or conditions which you would like address it is always helpful to see your beauty therapist or skincare expert. At Nautilus, we offer a range of facial treatments which can be customised & a course of treatments tailored to suit your individual skincare needs.

What’s New at Nautilus

What’s New at Nautilus

We have lots going on this month & throughout January so we wanted to give you a quick run-down:

1. We can take orders for gift vouchers either over the phone or you can order online here.

2. Our Christmas Open House is THIS Saturday, 6th Dec, 10am-5pm. We’ll have “Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price” on gift vouchers, 20% off TanOrganic Products, and 3 for 2 on a wide range of Neal’s Yard Remedies products. Plus, the usual festive treats of baked goods, hot mulled drinks, and fun music!

3. Fantastic class/workshop schedule starting in January. We’re really excited about our Nautilus Book Club (free event) & our first book will be “Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world”. Add it to your Santa list & get ready to start 2015 feeling calmer & more focused. Other classes include baby massage (great gift voucher idea!), nutrition, skincare, reiki & social media training. Find all the details & full schedule here.

4. Our nail & tan special offer continues throughout December! Book in for a 3 week UV gel SmartPolish manicure & pedicure and receive a FREE full body TanOrganic spray tan, only €65!

Plus, we have availability for our full range of treatments: massage therapies, facials, body treatments, nails, tanning. Please call 01 534 0003 or email to book your appointment or with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you this holiday season!

Jenny & Sarah x