The Marie Reynolds Method comes to Nautilus

I was delighted to receive my certificate from Marste Academy in the Marie Reynolds Method (MRM) – advanced consultation this week. As a therapist, a consultation is so important to establish & understand your clients needs. The MRM is a truly holistic approach that brings a client consultation to the next level. Last month I had the pleasure of attending this masterclass taught by Marie Reynolds. She is a progressive & noetic skincare therapist, with over 25 years in the business. Marie’s unique approach to client consultation & skin analysis is amazing.

Noetic science itself, has been around for centuries. Noetic Science is the study of the mind & emotions & how they interact within the body. The process of how beliefs, thoughts & emotions effect the physical form. It is really mind blowing stuff!

I am thrilled to be introducing a new Complete Wellness treatment to include the MRM – advanced consultation. Stay tuned for updates on the website next week.

Sarah x

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